Tune Ups

Massage Services to Help Heal the Pain

“Gary’s approach is very targeted to the area of discomfort and is “neuromuscular” as opposed to just muscular. He finds trigger points, hones in on them and tracks down the problem up and down the affected muscle(s) and connections. I view his specialty as much more focused on the therapeutic, like going to a chiropractor for pain relief.”  –Jeff H.

large-2You already know Gary is not your usual massage therapist. Sure, like most massages, you’ll feel good after one of his sessions, but feeling good isn’t good enough for Gary. He wants to make you feel better. And it’s the manner in which he approaches every client that gets you the results you want to feel refreshed and refueled.

Gary’s unique process starts with a diagnostic road test, an intake session, as he calls it. He learns everything about you, your health history, your injury, where and when and how it happened, what the pain is like, and how much overall stress you have in your life. (As if you didn’t already know this, stress is the #1 contributing factor that activates “trigger points” aka “knots” in the muscles.

“I had been sleeping with one of my arms above my head for decades and it had caught up with me. Gary walked me through what he had found, how we were going to fix it and oh my am I reborn. After an hour with him my range of motion for both my shoulders shot through the roof. I’m totally back to normal and have Gary to thank for that.”  –Garrett F.

Using Different Massage Modalities To Heal

Gary is an Advanced NeuroMuscular Massage Therapist. Once he understands the mechanism of your injury, and how it happened, he can more definitively explain the appropriate massage modalities he uses to relieve that pain. And he’ll walk you through a test drive to demonstrate the benefits of each modality.

Gary is also a Health Educator, and teaches his clients how to gain more awareness of their own bodies. He provides you with various tools to recognize and treat your own triggers, which allows you to continue your therapy at home.

2021-2022 Massage Rates & Series Special

Purchase a massage series and save big bucks during your tune-ups.

New Client Session: $280.00 (120 minutes in length).

Return Client Session: (90 minutes in length).

1 Massage Session $210.00 Standard massage rate.
3 Massage Sessions $598.00 $28.00 Savings
6 Massage Sessions $1184.50 $56.00 Savings
12 Massage Sessions $2310.00 $185.00 Savings = 1 Free Massage

NEW Quick Body Tune-Up Session (60 minutes in length).

(All Quick Body Tune-Up sessions will focus on 1-2 max areas of the body.)

1 Massage Session $140.00 Standard massage rate.
3 Massage Sessions $399.00 $21.00 Savings
6 Massage Sessions $756.00 $84.00 Savings
12 Massage Sessions $1,540.00 $140.00 Savings = 1 Free Massage

*I believe no one should have to live in pain and have the opportunity to receive self-care that doesn’t break the bank. So, if you are experiencing financial hardship and in need of a tune-up, we are happy to offer our sliding scale pricing for your session.


Sessions include: intake, assessment, bodywork, and reassessment. Massage Sessions range 60-120 minutes in length.

Cash, checks , and Venmo are accepted. Prices subject to change.

Want to send someone to see Gary? Gift certificates available for purchase.

Gary sees clients at his Japantown office located in the Healing Arts Building at 1801 Bush Street, Suite 131A, in San Francisco. To set up your intake session and learn more on how Gary’s healing methods can work for you, give Gary a call or contact him now. Book your Tune-Up now by clicking here.

Book your Tune-Up now by clicking here.