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“I was in a great deal of pain after a performance. Gary knew exactly how to tackle the wreck that was my body. And I appreciated the educational aspect of his treatment.”

-Jesse B.


“What really impressed me is his ability to know what my body needs instinctively, how to tackle it effectively using a number of techniques and with the utmost sensitivity and respect.”

-Elisa R.

Gary Mendelson is a massage therapist with a background unlike that of any other massage therapist. He was a professional theater artist for 25 years, as a dancer, singer and actor who performed in many major Broadway productions. During his two years in CATS, his body sustained many injuries, and the production company always provided therapeutic massage to the cast as needed.

He was awed and amazed that massage therapy could get him out of pain and back to work the same day. That’s when the seed was planted to heal others through touch.

But it would still be a few more years until he rode that dream to reality. He continued his acting career, and between show stints, opened and built a successful chain of candle stores in New York City.


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Having sold the candle stores, Gary moved to San Francisco and his ultimate dream of healing and helping people through touch came to fruition.

Since 2009 he has been a California Certified and Licensed Advanced Neuromuscular Therapist and Health Educator, a “body mechanic”, as he calls himself.


Gary’s therapeutic massage techniques encompass the nervous system and muscular systems together. He isolates where the pain is coming from, and then uses several massage modalities to re-educate and realign the muscle fibers to go back to their normal position. He also retrains the nerve movements of the brain to actually get rid of the pain. Gary’s massage techniques are also a great complement to physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, and other healing systems.

Gary serves the entire San Francisco Bay Area. His office is located in the Japantown neighborhood, which allows clients easy access from Civic Center, Pacific Heights, the Fillmore, and Sea Cliff to come to him. Give Gary a call or have Gary contact you to set up your initial appointment.

The Massage Garage is Proud to Announce Our Newest Body Mechanic,

Laura A. Perez, Gary’s Go-To Therapist


Prior to entering the massage profession, Laura received her BS in Biology at the University of California, Irvine in 1993.  After a work-related injury and experiencing the benefits of massage therapy combined with chiropractic care, she was inspired to pursue a career in massage.  She graduated in April 2006 from the Western Institute of Neuromuscular Therapy, (WIN) with a certificate in Professional Therapeutic & Sports Massage.  Her enthusiasm, passion, and skills for the profession acquired her a teaching position at WIN.  With a thirst for knowledge yearly she takes continuing education courses to keep her skills sharp.

Laura’s clientele ranges from all walks of life; weekend warriors, professional athletes, work-related injuries to expecting mothers.  Using a combined arsenal of modalities, she customizes every massage to fit the needs of each client thereby maximizing their results.

“I believe the body has an innate ability to heal itself and that I’m just  a facilitator in supporting the body in its path to wellness.” -LAURA A. PEREZ

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